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Northern Climate Engineering was the original company first formed in April 1982 to provide engineering services for mechanical design in buildings and in the energy field that were sensitive to the unique characteristics of northern construction and communities. The original company was bought-out in 1996 by Eric Albertini and Fraser Smith and incorporated in 1998 as northern climate engineering limited.

Northern Climate Enginering Limited is proud to continue to provide the services originally envisioned by its predecessor and to continue to add to our areas of expertise in cost effective energy efficient design and analysis that is responsive to the special costs and rigours of facilities design and construction in northern Canada.

Design services for building facilities are provided for both new and renovation work with services including fire protection, plumbing, heating, ventilating, and control systems for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential applications. Analysis includes residential and commercial energy audits, ventilation system balancing, alternate energy feasibility, commissioning, and preventative maintenance programs.